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One of the promises I can safely keep is that if you order home delivery of my Link-of-the-Day site, the message will not be delivered soaked in bad weather, end up on your roof or have to wait at the curbside to be recycled. This is a listserv that will send you a copy of the Link-of-the-Day by email to your mailbox. This is all that you will receive from this listserv is the Link-of-the-Day and an infrequent announcement about the site! [I am the only one who can post to the list and I will not sell ads, distribute email addresses or anything like that!]

The easiest way to enroll is to fill out this form and them press subscribe or unsubscribe. Be sure to check your email address for accuracy. If you are successful, you will receive email confirmation of the action. If not, try again, or contact Scott Russell.


Name:     Email:

If this does not work, send me an email (srussell@ou.edu). For general information about listservs, also see the listserv FAQ.


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